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Air - Talkie Walkie

Anyone have any experience with this album yet? I'm going to pick it up this weekend, regardless... just wondering if you have any thoughts. I very much enjoy Air. Moon Safari is a must-own album and although it was panned, I liked 10,000 Hz Legend for the most part. It was different and ambitious, but that might be a fault as well. I heard "Alone in Kyoto" from the newest release in the Sofia Coppolla film, "Lost in Translation," and I was intrigued by its impressionistic feel. Hopes are high for the newest album. I'll post more coherent and cohesive thoughts when I purchase it.

BTW - I'm new to the community. My name is Rob and I live in Jacksonville, Fla. During the day I'm the copy editor of The Business Journal; at night I'm an undercover music geek. Well, maybe not undercover...

My favorite album of all-time, one that I must listen to from beginning to end is the Who's Quadrophenia. The movie (with Sting) was uber-sucky, though.

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