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the explosion - "sick of modern art" ep

the wait has been too long. in 2000 the explosion dropped their masterpiece flash flash flash upon the punk and indie world and now they're finally back with a new 5 song ep called sick of modern art. god damn was it worth the wait.
if you're not framiliar with the band, guitarist sam cave was in the trouble and bassist damien genuardi was in panic and in my eyes. the explosion also features vocalist million dollar matt hock, guitarist dave walsh, and drummer andrew black. aside form "sick of modern art" and "flash flash flash" they have two eps and a split 7" with the tonsils. the explosion are boston hooligans through and through, but their music isn't limited to that typical boston sound. it's raw and urgent, catchy and anthemic, and above all there's a definite sense of maturity on the new ep.
the only song i really have a problem with is the first track, "sick of modern art". it reminds me a lot of "turantulas attack" off of flash flash flash. but since this is such a great release i'm going to let that pass. the next two songs, "the crashes" and "original thought" can be found on the split 7" with dave and sam's other band called the tonsils. these two songs sound much better then the thin mix that the 7" provided. "the crashes" is an all out anthem of defiance. expect to be singing along with the chorus ("don't pretend to know my name") at the next explosion show you attend. "original thought" slows it down a little but that doesn't mean it's any less of a powerhouse. the next song "bullet 15" is probably the catchiest of the bunch. this song really blew me away the first time i heard it. i'm really in awe of the explosions ability to offer something new to such a tired genre. all in one song they can remind you of everything you love about punk rock while still sounding fresh. this is also true about the last song on the ep, "signature", a song that doesn't let up during it's one minute and fifty four seconds of play.
lyrically, i think this album is up to par with flash flash flash, which was an album with a lot to say. some of my favorite lyrics on sick of modern art are "were you born with an original thought, did you get it off the discount rack, doesn't fit bring it back" off of "original thought". the song is like a rally cry against bands that have nothing to say or kids that just follow the trends. "signature" is the most political song of them all. "character assasination fascinates the nation, now we're stationed at the television, watching death processions," i think it's safe to say where the explosion stand on the war with iraq.
overall sick of modern art is a wrench in the gear of the current safe and mediocre world of punk rock. if you want more songs about broken hearts go to new found glory or whatever shitty new band trl is hyping. if you want another generic street punk anthem go pick up whatever crap the casualties are putting out. if you want a release that's everything you love about punk rock without everything you hate about it, then pick up the explosion's new ep sick of modern art.
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